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Our Hairstylists



Welcome, we are so pleased to have you here on our site getting to know us.  The Louvre Salon and Spa has a recognized community of stylists, bringing craft and genuine care to every style, service, and person we meet. For the past 20 years, the Louvre has grown from 12 stylists in a small rented space to over 26 stylists and 3 talented spa professionals. From the way you're treated the moment you walk in our door, to the warm conversation and willingness to listen and interpret your needs when you're in our chair. Everyone at the Louvre cares that your experience with us is as positive and personal as possible. This genuine expression of care extends far and wide into our communities as well. We do this through supporting local artists in the Metro East and St. Louis and by giving in big and small ways to charities we support in our community.


The Louvre's stylists are independent business owners who are able to charge their own prices for services, and schedule their own clients. If you are interested in booking an appointment with a stylist please contact them or The Louvre



Alyscia Bigham
(618) 698-6339


Aryn McCollum

(618) 910-9913

Amy Melliere

(618) 977-2475

Andrea Lombardo-Easton

(618) 978-9290

*Erin Wessels

(618) 578-4009

*Jessica Linnell


*Kayla Miller 


Keiko Deering 


Kenda Wunder


Lisa Rupprecht

(618) 628-1759

*Marybeth Dudash

(618) 624-6279

*Moriah Sivia


Nikki Lindewirth

(618) 791-3967

*Niki Jackson

(618) 946-6020

*Patricia Green

(618) 719-4887

Patty Bower

(618) 632-5022

Peggy Dohlke

(618) 980-4140

*Ramona Stet


Rochelle Rauscher


*Roberta Keleher 


Shawn Kueker/Owner

(618) 624-6610

*Shayna Kueker/Owner


*Stephanie Kendall

(618) 910-7711

Tina Loziuk

(618) 920-8706


Tom Kendall

(618) 781-2230

*Whitney Dodge


* accepting new clients

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